• Barrier Netting
  • Batting Cages
  • Basketball
  • Bleachers
  • Divider Curtains
  • Gym Floor Covers
  • Football Field Equipment
  • Lockers
  • Protective Padding
  • Retractable Stages
  • Scoreboards
  • Tennis Court Equipment
  • Track Equipment
  • Volleyball Equipment
  • Wrestling Mat Hoists
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Servicing the Texas Market Since 1995

In an environment focused on the low bid, we differentiate by providing outstanding customer service. We work comfortably with all the project stakeholders: architects, contractors, school and church boards, and municipal governments.


We provide a wide range of products as shown here from highly reputable manufacturers.


In most cases, your equipment needs expert installation by a sports construction company. We have a competent team of trained professionals who guarantee that the installation of the equipment is to specifications and safe.


All equipment gets worn through usage and will eventually require some form of maintenance. We offer a full range of services to make sure your equipment continues to perform at the highest level.


Regular scheduled inspections primarily insure safety and can reduce the likelihood of more costly repairs.

preventative maintenance

A program to maintain your equipment can be combined with safety inspections will prolong the use and reliability of your equipment.


It is inevitable that equipment will need repair. If needed repair is discovered during inspection or preventative maintenance, if can be performed by our team. If there is an equipment failure, our team can assess what repairs are needed and perform them.